Optimum planning – just-in-time delivery

Reliable in every magnitude

M-Beton is the trusted concrete supplier for numerous large-scale new-build projects for industry, transport engineering and structural engineering. Our sphere of activity extends beyond the greater Stendal area. We can even make deliveries to large construction sites at short notice, thanks to our high production and planning capacities together with an ideally sized fleet of vehicles and machinery. Availability, flexibility, punctuality – these are the attributes you need in your supplier for a smoothly running, uninterrupted project. M-Beton is such a supplier.

Concrete mixers

Fresh concrete is made in concrete mixers according to the specific recipe. The tools inside the mixer ensure that the mixture is particularly homogeneous with vertical or horizontal rotation. The recipe also takes account of the time it takes to get to the building site.

Truck mixers

Truck mixers bring fresh concrete to the construction site. It is important to ensure that the journey does not last longer than 60 minutes. During the journey, the machine’s mixing drum moves all the time to prevent the fresh concrete from demixing. On site, the concrete is discharged into the provided formwork by means of a chute, concrete pump or conveyor belt.

Long-reach boom pump

Long-reach boom pumps are used if the transport vehicle does not have direct access to the discharge site. They are capable of conveying large quantities of concrete over distances of up to 63 metres. Flexible vertical and horizontal handling with the boom and really strong motors in the machine make the long-reach boom pump ideal for use in road, tunnel and bridge construction and for large buildings.